NYBACS is proud to announce the start of its new Factoring desk in partnership with one of the world’s largest factoring companies. Our Factoring Solutions have a wide variety of different and exclusive advantages from which you can benefit depending on your business needs and models.

Factoring is a financing solution that helps companies stabilize cash flow by unlocking the cash sitting in unpaid receivables. Also known as accounts receivable factoring, this process involves treating invoices as collateral, which are sold to factoring companies. Your company then receives the cash in advance with each invoice sold. The amount of capital available grows with your business. As long as you have invoices to factor, funding is available!

NYBACS Factoring offers customized financial solutions for businesses experiencing fast growth, managing seasonal sales patterns, or dealing with slow paying customers. Invoice factoring is the best alternative solution to short term bank loans. Funding decisions are based on your customer’s credit worthiness, so even a less-than-perfect credit history is OK. We are committed to helping your business secure the funding you need to grow.

NYBACS Factoring offers funding for businesses of all sizes/stages. From start-ups to long-established companies, factoring is a smart solution to not only to combat cash flow crunches without taking on additional debt but also ensure copious liquidity for businesses. We can factor AR from a non-US entity to US buyer/s, US domestic, as well as international factoring in APAC, Europe, and Americas. We factor invoices upto $50 million at just 0.65% a month in as less as one day once the KYC documentation of seller and buyer are complete and necessary approvals are in place. Our tiered factoring fees are best-in-market and all-inclusive. There are no upfront or advance payments.

      ● working capital optimization
      ● credit protection against bad-debts, debtor insolvency and losses
      ● reduction of your DSO (Days Sales Outstanding)
      ● increased debt capacity
      ● transformation of fixed costs into variable costs
      ● efficiency in sourcing new customers using up-to date credit information and experience
      ● better credit and receivable management
      ● high liquidity with increasing bargaining power and discounts from your suppliers
      ● cash-flow optimization and better forecasting
      ● optimized treasury planning and more time to focus on core business operations


      ● Factoring is an Asset Based Lending (“ABL”) product.
      ● The emphasis is on the value of the receivables and quality of your debtors and not only on the assessment of your creditworthiness.
      ● Factoring is a flexible facility in a sense that financing is closely linked to the turnover assigned and can be utilized depending on the client’s needs.
      ● Factoring may influence the balance sheet ratios of a client in a positive way (liquidity and solvency for example).
      ● Factoring provides better efficiency in terms of pricing, service time, operational workload, etc. in short-term financing.
      ● Credit-insurance service for protection against bad-debts.
      ● Tailor-made solutions are possible depending on your needs.
      ● Higher credit limits possible when compared with bank loans, as they are based on the current value of the sales ledger and not on historic management information.
      ● In many markets, the factor has full ownership of the receivables and therefore is not subject to any challenge from other security interests.
      ● Risk mitigation on several buyers instead of one client


● Australia ● Austria ● Belgium ● Brazil ● Bulgaria ● Cambodia ● Canada ● Chile ● China ● Colombia ● Costa Rica ● Croatia ● Czech Republic ● Denmark ● Ecuador ● England ● Estonia ● Finland ● France ● French Polynesia ● Germany ● Guatemala ● Honduras ● Hong Kong ● Hungary ● India ● Indonesia ● Israel ● Italy ● Japan ● Kuwait ● Latvia ● Lithuania ● Luxembourg ● Macau ● Malaysia ● Mexico ● Netherlands ● New Zealand ● Northern Ireland ● Norway ● Paraguay ● Peru ● Philippines ● Poland ● Portugal ● Republic of Ireland ● Romania ● Scotland ● Scotland ● Singapore ● Slovakia ● Slovenia ● South Africa ● South Korea ● Spain ● Sweden ● Switzerland ● Taiwan ● Thailand (Only High Quality Debtor) ● United States of America ● Uruguay ●


● Hong Kong ● Netherlands ● Mexico ● United Kingdom ● United States Of America ●


NYBACS Factoring Fees

AR Value Base Rate
< US$ 1,000,000 0.95% per month
> US$ 1,000,000 0.85% per month
> US$ 3,000,000 0.80% per month
> US$ 5,000,000 0.75% per month
> US$ 7,500,000 0.71% per month
> US$ 10,000,000 0.65% per month

Think outside of the bank loan. Invoice Factoring is a simple & debt-free business financing option. To know more about our Factoring services or if you have a question in your mind about this, do not hesitate to reach out to us by clicking here.