Global Taxation Services

NYBACS Global Taxation team offers the best value in proactive tax planning and error-free tax preparation in over 50 countries for businesses. We aim to provide high quality tax services and outstanding customer support at affordable rates year after year.

As a part of our global taxation support strategy, we provide the following services to businesses:
● Business Tax Preparation - We make sure your business is taking advantage of all available tax breaks from the respective jurisdictional government agencies. We prepare corporate tax returns and will make sure your business never overpays.
● Tax Planning Services - We utilize tax credits and deductions in conjunction with a comprehensive tax planning strategy to minimize tax obligations for businesses.
● Cross Border Taxation - Our Global Taxation Team will work with you to reduce your tax burden, manage risk, and keep you in compliance with the requirements of cross-border transactions. We will also work proactively to help you avoid penalties associated with foreign accounts and ensure that all international tax regulations are factored into your overall international tax strategy.

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